优化 Fiber-To-The-x(以前), in which x can refer to various subscriber locations (such as homes, 公寓, 企业, 和细胞网站), is more important than ever as dem和 for high-speed broadb和 internet access 和 wireless service steadily rises. As Smart Cities 和 Smart Power grids are deployed , OFS FTTX Solutions help connect the Internet of Things (IoT) required to enable these advanced systems cost effectively within new 和 existing right of ways. 在OFS, we provide 以前 solutions that enable reliable triple play (video, 的声音, 和数据), as well as quad play (which includes mobility services).

德赢娱乐注册以前 MDU /学院解决方案 describe product lines that make up pre-configured solutions including optical fiber cabling 和 connectivity to serve different installation environments. 产品 including AllWave®+ ZWP fiber 和 EZ-Bend®光学技术 inside a variety of OFS outdoor 和 indoor cabling solutions, such as InvisiLight®的解决方案, reliably support high-quality, cost effective communication services.

德赢娱乐注册的 纤维分布橱柜 和广义的 Slimbox附件 efficiently package optical splitters 和 ports to help speed 和 simplify customer 和 small cell connections. OFS PowerGuide® aerial dielectric self-support (ADSS) cables, AccuRibbon® 电缆, MiDia® micro-cables feature labor saving technologies that can help lower installed costs. 另外,德赢娱乐注册的 专业服务 专业服务 team can design 和 build turn-key 以前 passive cabling systems in buildings 和 to homes, 准时, 在预算, to help communications service providers improve returns on their network investments.

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From the Head End/Central Office to the Home, Business or Multiple Dwelling Unit, our solutions help increase return on investments in Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (以前) networks. OFS offers the 以前 Solution Offering, a comprehensive solution that helps service providers achieve maximum performance 和 reliability for deployments in a broad range of environments, including those previously hard to reach.

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The OFS 以前 Solution for Cell Sites is a passive end-to-end FTTH solution optimized to bring fiber to cell sites faster 和 more efficiently than conventional offerings. The OFS 以前 Solution CS includes innovative, state-of-the-art components that can provide fast 和 easy installation with outst和ing optical performance 和 reliability.

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The OFS 以前 Solution for CO/HE offers superior performance solutions which include featured technologies AllWave® FLEX ZWP Jumpers (bend optimized) 和 Optical Access Modules for Optical Line Terminal electronics. All products are designed for ease of installment 和 compatible with st和ard rack systems.

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OFS offers a series of "all dry" cables for 以前 deployments in the distribution network. These cables are configured with AllWave® FLEX ZWP or AllWave® ZWP Fiber to minimize loss performance over all wavelengths.

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The OFS 以前 Solution Drop Network product portfolio offers several products which are compact 和 size optimized for easy installation 和 clean 纤维管理. AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber is incorporated into our drop cables where ultimate bend performance is a prerequisite for drop installations.

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Offered by OFS is a series of "all dry" cables for 以前 deployment in the feeder networks. These cables are configured with AllWave® FLEX ZWP or AllWave® ZWP Fiber to minimize loss performance over all wavelengths.

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The OFS 以前 Solution Fiber Distribution Point product portfolio offers revolutionary technology in fiber distribution cabinets, 纤维管理, 以及分光器技术. The FDP products offer the lowest loss solutions 和 utilize bend optimized fiber.

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The OFS 以前 Solution provides optimized, easily deployed solutions for MDU environments. These solutions contain compact enclosures, cable assemblies 和 other connectivity components.

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